Houston, Texas is home to a thriving aerospace and aviation industry! The Johnson Space Center is located in our backyard, and is a $1.5 billion dollar facility in which NASA houses one of it’s largest research and development complexes. It drives an enormous amount of opportunity for those in the technology, aerospace engineering, and science fields. Additionally, Houston’s local business community includes over 150 unique companies that are involved in manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft along with research and technology for development of those same products.


Many fields involved in aerospace and aviation industries involve often difficult to write resumes due to very specific and detailed educational backgrounds and accomplishments. Applicants seeking new opportunities as Airline Pilots, Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft Maintenance Personnel, Avionics Technician, or Aerospace Mechanic know that communicating their educational background, any published works, and a compelling reason that separates them from others are key items to have on their resumes. 

And that's right where we come in.

we take the stress and worry

out of the resume writing process

Why Choose USA Resume?


Our country was the first to put a man on the moon, and we’re also the best to write your industry specific resume. At USA Resume, we are a US-based business that only employs US based, certified professional resume writers. We know that the best way to explain your career and educational background to a potential employer is to have someone who not only understands your industry, but has English as their primary language is of key importance. Your message needs to be clear, concise, and accurate.

What Services Do We Offer?


Not only do we produce the most effective, job-winning resumes available, we also have additional products to help advance your career depending on your personal goals and industry demands.


We offer Cover Letters that represent you at first glance to potential hiring managers. Additionally, accompanying your resume with a professional Reference List, and following it up with a professional Thank You Letter are vital to make an impression that sets you out above the rest.


Finally, we offer LinkedIn Profile Optimization to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for SEO and can be found easily by those seeking applicants from your field.


How Does It Work?


The process of creating a resume on your own is difficult! And are you really getting the best results? We want your experience with USA Resume to be easy and painless! We take the stress and worry out of the resume writing process. Simply select your desired career range, choose the resume package that best fits your needs and complete the form. Within 24 hours, our representatives will be in touch to assign your personal resume writer and the process will begin! A simple phone interview typically is all that is needed to gather information needed to write your next job-winning resume! It really is that easy. 

If you have an existing resume, we will even review your resume for free!



Any Questions?


Any questions we didn’t answer? Contact us today and we’ll make sure we get you that answer! You’re a simple click or phone call away from unlocking your future as an Airline Pilots, Aerospace Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance Personnel, Avionics Technician, or Aerospace Mechanic.


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