As a professional educator, you devote your life’s work to raising up the next generation. You teach students the principles and foundational skills that they will need in order to be successful and contribute to society. You are the authority on multiple topics. So what happens when an opportunity comes along for advancement in your own career? Do you have the skill set to write your own resume? Likely, you do have the grammatical understanding needed, but do you know how today’s employers make hiring decisions? Do you understand key word optimization for Applicant Tracking Systems


Lucky for you - that’s our specialty. We’re here to help, and you’re in good hands. If you are ready to take on your next opportunity as an Academic Advisor, Dean, Principal, Professor, Preschool Teacher, Career Counselor, Coach, Child Care Assistant, or Director, we’re here to help make that happen.

we're here to help,

and your in good hands

How Do We Help?


It all starts with a Cover Letter. Professionally written and formatted Cover Letters set you apart from the other applicants who apply for the position. A Cover Letter is an introduction, and sets the tone for the resume to follow. 


Next, your professional resume writer will craft your individual resume using industry specific knowledge and detail to ensure your resume resonates with hiring managers and recruiters. Your resume will be keyword optimized to pass Applicant Tracking Systems and land on the desk of a decision maker. We’ll showcase your experience, strengths, knowledge and accomplishments. Have gaps in employment? Not sure how much information is too much and what amount is just right? Relax - we’re here to take care of the details!

Professional Resume Service Add-On's


In addition to your resume, we offer other products that round out your application portfolio. Professionally written Thank You Letters and Reference Lists complete your resume and continue to add to the great impression you have made!


We also offer LinkedIn Profile optimization using your newly created resume information. Our Master Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers know what it takes to display your information in a compelling way that also works with LinkedIn’s search algorithms so that recruiters can find you online! Get more profile views with this process!


Worried about what to do once your resume lands you an interview? Our Professional Career Coaches are here to up your interview game and make sure you walk in with your head high and all the confidence in the world!

What If I Need a Curriculum Vitae?


We got you covered here too! Our professional resume writers in Houston, TX are fully capable of writing a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV). We employ writers with experience in academics that know what it takes to put together a stunning CV. Your CV plays a huge role in communicating your career to potential employers, so choose the best resume service in Texas to partner with you on this big opportunity!

We’re Here For You


There is a reason why thousands have trusted us with their resume creation. We’ve helped applicants looking for jobs as Teachers, Principals, Counselors, Instructors, Registrars, Librarians, Superintendents, Teacher’s Assistants, Tutors, and School Directors make their dreams become a reality. We think you deserve it too. What are you waiting for? Here’s how you can get started.


Absolutely Free. No Strings Attached.


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