Firefighters serve more than just their employer. They serve the general public and offer a service that contributes to the overall well being of all citizens. As critically important as their roles are, and even as much as more firefighting professionals are needed in the field, there are high standards in the industry and getting in cab be difficult. Having a well written professional resume is key to open the door for opportunities for rookies and veterans alike.


USA Resume is the leader in professional resume writing services in Houston, TX and serves clients all across the United States. We’ve provided interview and job-winning resumes for individuals seeking careers as Firefighters, Engineers, Technicians, Lieutenants, Captains, Battalion Chiefs, Chiefs and Commissioners

we tailor your career accomplishments to make your firefighting skills appear extraordinary

How Do We Help Firefighters?


It all starts with a stand out Cover Letter that represents you in the best way to a hiring manager.


Next, having a professional resume written by an industry specific, certified writer who understands the ins and outs of the firefighting industry.


Finally, utilizing our services to create or improve on your existing LinkedIn profile will help bring continuity to your message. We optimize LinkedIn profiles with industry specific target keywords to increase profile views and organic search traffic.

Why Trust USA Resume?


USA Resume has a proven track record of successfully crafting stunning professional resumes for industry professionals. Our local, industry specific resume writers are certified and experienced at taking your work history and accomplishments and formatting them in a way that passes Applicant Tracking Systems and lands them on the hiring manager’s desk. Hiring our resume writing service is essential, especially for higher ranking firefighting jobs as we tailor your career accomplishments to make your firefighting skills appear extraordinary to a recruiter.

How Does It Work?


Your experience with USA Resume is extremely easy! We take the stress out of the resume process! Simply select your targeted career path, select the package level you feel is your best fit, and make payment. After we receive your order, a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to connect you with your resume writer. If you have an existing resume, we will even review your resume for free!


Absolutely Free. No Strings Attached.


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