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Step 2: How Often to Apply for Jobs/Preparing for an Interview


In continuation of our series on How to Get Called for Interviews, we are discussing the essentials of how to prepare for an interview. After all, getting a call for the interview is one thing, but then how does one best execute once in that interview? Here we’ll outline the best way to apply for jobs and how to prepare for that hopeful interview!

Apply and Prepare.

How Often Should I Apply for Jobs?


Here is the real question: How badly do you want to find employment? If you are serious about finding a job opportunity, we recommend applying for jobs every business day, Monday through Friday. Don’t apply for just one job opening and hope for the best. Get your name and resume out there to many opportunities in your field to increase your opportunities for interviews.

How Many Jobs Should I Apply for Each Day?


Again, are you serious about finding employment? Most industry experts agree that the more opportunities you apply for, the more likely you are to hear a response and a request for an interview. We recommend making applications to at least a minimum of 15 job openings each day.


What is the Best Time of Day to Submit a Resume?


This might sound odd, but the most effective time to upload your resume for a job opportunity is between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Most individuals search and apply for jobs during normal working hours, but applying within the early morning hours is actually most effective. This is because most new job openings are automatically posted within these hours. Searching and applying for jobs during the early morning hours ensures you are among the first to apply for new opportunities and that your resume is waiting in the inbox of the recruiter or hiring manager when they arrive in the morning.


What Jobs Should I Pursue First?


The basic rule of applying for jobs is that the ‘First Come, First Served’ rule applies in every single case. Being among the first to apply is essential, so targeting the most recently posted jobs first is an effective strategy. You are more likely to get noticed and called for an interview when adhering to this rule.


What is the Best Way to Prepare for an Interview?


In order to be prepared for the interview call, you should take proactive steps to set yourself up for success. You don’t want to ruin an opportunity, so you should take the following steps to prepare:


  • Record a Personalized Voicemail: In order to assure the person who calls that they have reached the right individual, you should have a personalized voicemail recorded. Be sure to portray yourself as a professional through your tone and tenor. The voicemail should contain a greeting which includes your name and kindly ask the caller to leave a message along with their name and number. It is also advised to record the message in a quiet environment to avoid distracting background noise. Be sure to follow up with missed calls promptly to communicate your eagerness for the job and to not let them pass on to another applicant.

  • Actively Await a Phone Call: When you are applying for jobs and hoping for interview calls, you should keep your phone with you and be sure to pay careful attention to when it may ring. While having a professional voice message set up ensures that a missed call will be well handled, you should do everything you can to answer the call. Not all employers will be patient enough to leave a message and await a reply, so don’t miss any potential opportunity!

  • Actively Await an Email: Just as we mentioned regarding phone calls, you’ll want to ensure you are actively checking your email for any messages from potential employers. Once you receive a message, you should reply promptly!

  • Have a Professional Email Signature: Preparing a professional email signature is a necessary component to any electronic communication with an employer. This will communicate your professionalism and demonstrate to the employer that you have an understanding of professional industry standards. 


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