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So, you’ve had the leading resume writing service in Houston, TX, USA Resume, produce a perfect resume for your job search. Now what? Often, our clients ask this question. “What do I do once I have my resume professionally written?” or “When will I get a call for an interview?” or worse, “Will I even get a call for an interview?”


Here’s the honest truth: even with the most perfectly written resume and cover letter, you could still find yourself rejected. How could this be? In most cases, it’s because clients are not knowledgeable of the various tips and tricks one should utilize to get interview calls. In order to help our clients beyond the resume, we’ve gathered the answers from our top resume writers to some of our most common client questions about the how to get called for interviews

even with the best resume

you could still be rejected...why?

What Are The Best Sites for Posting My Resume Online?


Once you receive your professional resume, you need to get it in circulation. You need to make sure that it is in the right place so that potential employers and recruiters can find it! To do this, post your resume across the most prominent job boards online and select the most effective sites for your industry. For example, if you are applying for a federal job, you’d need to utilize a different platform than those for a civilian job.


For Private Sector Jobs, consider uploading your resume to the following websites:


For governmental jobs, you’ll want to focus on the platform responsible for all federal job postings:


Additionally, for personal knowledge, you can research websites that provide real life company reviews from current and previous employees. This allows you to be prepared with knowledge about a company that might approach you regarding employment.


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