What is LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a social networking platform founded on the idea of connecting working professionals! As social media began to rise for personal use, the founders of LinkedIn realized that there was huge potential to utilize technology to offer individuals a place to connect, build relationships, and share content with other working professionals. LinkedIn was born and grew quickly. Today the platform boast over 111 million monthly active users in the United States alone! The platform has transformed from simply a place to connect with other professionals, to a recruiting ground for hiring managers and company recruiters. Having a LinkedIn profile opens the doors to opportunities that individuals would never have dreamed of a decade ago!

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What is the Benefit of Having a LinkedIn Profile?


LinkedIn creates opportunities for professionals to connect at the touch of a button. It’s algorithms automatically suggest individuals you are likely to make a connection with based on your industry, career history, educational history, and connection history. Additionally, it creates a prime hunting ground for recruiters and job seekers alike! LinkedIn allows you to share your resume in an online format. You can choose to make yourself visible to recruiters and they have access to all of your qualified accomplishments and educational experience at their fingertips! The social network also allows you to engage in messaging, article writing, and post publishing! A professional LinkedIn Profile is a tremendous tool to have in your pocket, especially because the cost of creating a profile is absolutely free!

How Can I Maximize The Value of LinkedIn?


In order to make the most out of the free professional networking tool, you need to make sure your online profile markets you in the best way possible. Professional Resume Writing Services often offer additional services that benefit your online presence. Companies like USA Resume in Houston, TX offer professional LinkedIn profile writing. They utilize all of the information from the individually written resume that they provide you with to ensure your career background, educational experience and personal accomplishments are consistent across all of your personal marketing. Having a professional service create or update your resume is a great investment to ensure you maximize your exposure and attract the right job opportunities by having your content search engine optimized for your desired industry.


What are the Benefits of Professional LinkedIn Profile?


The First Impression: 


Today, approximately 95% of recruiting staff and 85% of hiring managers utilize LinkedIn Profiles for their applicant seeking process. With such a large volume of the searching taking place on that platform, having a professional profile is imperative. You can only make one first impression, so investing to ensure it’s a great one is key!




As we mentioned above, the LinkedIn platform allows professionals to connect in ways that were never before possible. A LinkedIn user is able to get involved in various forums, follow popular brands or interests, and connect in community groups. 




LinkedIn allows users to give and receive endorsements from other users. Those online endorsements carry weight similar to work of mouth referrals and are incredibly impactful. The endorsement feature allows hiring managers and recruiters to get additional information on your performance beyond your resume, and helps create a better detailed picture of how you might work on their team.


Open Doors to Opportunities:


Often times, when a company has job openings they post those openings to LinkedIn! Those opportunities are viewable to job searchers on the platform. Having a complete and thorough LinkedIn profile allows you to engage with other like-minded users and access potential job opportunities and leads.


How to Get Started


Are you ready to leverage the power of LinkedIn for your professional career goals? Contact USA Resume and have them create your custom LinkedIn profile today!


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