Responsible harvesting and replanting of our nation’s forests are a tremendous benefit both to our economy and our environment. Those who work in the forestry industry provide a truly sustainable resource needed for things like home construction to office printing. At USA Resume, we’ve worked written job-winning resumes for many individuals in the forestry industries including those applying for work as Forest Fire Control Technicians, Lumber Graders, Arborists, and Forestry Technicians, along with others. Our process allows you to have a powerful and professional resume created for you that demonstrates your strengths and accomplishments to a hiring manager and ensure that you have an opportunity at winning the job!

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Resumes for Forest Fire Control Technicians | Lumber Graders | Arborists | Forestry Technicians


Working in the forestry industry requires skill. You must be knowledgeable about your craft whether that is understanding tree health, planning for control forest fire burns, or operating machinery. In the same way, putting together a compelling resume requires skill. Luckily for you, we have some of the best certified professional resume writers in the industry! As a resume writing service in Houston, TX, our team has helped thousands reach their career next steps, and we can help you too! Our team of skilled resume writers have industry experience and understand what those making hiring decisions in your industry are looking for. For example, they will be able to communicate your skills and accomplishments in Knowledge of Forest Products, Fire Control, Equipment Handling, Tree Removal, Mapping and GPS, Crew Supervision, Harvesting, Stump Grinding and others in a way that lets the hiring manager know that you have the experience and skill they are looking for.

Why Chose USA Resume?


Our team is consistently ranked the #1 resume writing service in Houston for a reason. We are passionate about helping others reach their career goals! When you work with USA Resume, you will be assigned to your own resume writer. They will take the time to schedule a resume interview and understand your background, education, career history and career goals. Using that information, your writer will create a custom resume for you meeting the requirements of your desired field. Upon receiving your resume, you will have 2 revision opportunities within 14 days of receiving your first draft to make any changes to your final documents. Our team also provides additional services like Cover Letters, Reference Lists, and Thank You Letters that coordinate with your resume document. Additionally, you can take advantage of our LinkedIn Profile service in which we overhaul or create a new LinkedIn Profile for you based on your new resume. Should you require assistance with interview preparation or career coaching, our certified professionals are here to help with that as well! These are all of the reasons we excel at what we do, and the reason why so many of our new clients come from referrals of those who have worked with us and experienced our top notch customer service!


Why Do I Need a Professional Resume?


Many people choose to have a professional resume written simply because of the time saving benefits or the fact that they may not feel that writing is a strength of theirs. However, there are many other benefits to having a professional resume written on your behalf. 


What many job applicants are not aware of is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS is a computer program that most companies are now using to scan incoming resumes to select those that ought to be considered, and those that automatically do not qualify. The ATS is set up based on the hiring manager or recruiter’s input on the job description, specific keywords, and formatting. What this means is that if your resume lacks the proper formatting or specific keywords that they are looking for, you may never have the chance to be considered despite your qualifications or experience. Our resume writing service produces resumes that are keyword optimized to ensure they pass the ATS and give your resume the opportunity to be seen by human eyes! And with our professionals, formatting is never a concern!


How to Get Started


Ready to have your professional resume created? Let’s work together! Start by selecting the appropriate package based on the salary range for your ideal job on our Pricing & Packages page. Review the packages and select the one that best fits your needs. Complete the shopping cart and payment information and you’re on your way!


A customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours to assign your personal resume writer and schedule your resume interview. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to gather information about the job you are applying for along with your existing resume or specifics and submit them to your writer in advance.


Following your resume interview, you will receive your first draft resume and other documents (if applicable) and have the opportunity for up to 2 revisions within 14 days of receiving your first draft. 


It’s that easy! We can’t wait to help you achieve your own career goals!


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