Even though the agricultural industry as a whole has been in decline in the United States, it is still a viable and much needed industry in our economy. Yes, suburban areas are ever encroaching on once fertile farmlands and yes, much of our produce and fresh farm goods are imported. That fact aside, the United States is still a primary exporter for many products and our need for locally sourced farm products is ever increasing as more and more people are valuing local, sustainable products over those brought into the country from other economies.


If you are pursuing a job in the agricultural landscape, you’ll need more than just experience. Today’s farm operations are precise and technologically advanced. While this means that there are new types of jobs in the agricultural industry that did not exist 20 years ago, it also means that education, knowledge and training are necessary. 

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If you are looking to enter the agricultural industry as a Land Appraiser, Policy Analyst, Agricultural Communications, Grain Broker, Soil Conservationist, Farm Management, Agricultural Educator, Irrigation Engineer, Crop Specialist, Plant Geneticist, Livestock Production Manager, or Agricultural Technology Developer, than you need to be represented in the best way possible - starting with your resume. Having a professional resume with your job application is the most effective way to show a potential employer all of the reasons why they should consider you for the job.

Why Do I Need a Professional Resume?


Sure, you can write your own resume, and many do. At the same time, many people also wonder why they don’t get called for interviews and why employment in the career they are qualified for seems elusive. See, writing a resume takes more than just word processing skills. Resumes are a specifically formatted document with expectations that are enforced in the modern technological era with automated systems called Applicant Tracking Systems. 


The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a complex computer program that is preprogrammed to scan incoming resumes for formatting, keywords, and educational experience. If your resume doesn’t clearly define who you are in the format the software requires and with the keywords the recruiter selected for the job role, your resume will never be viewed by human eyes.


A professional resume writing service understands the modern hiring process and is able to produce a resume document that is guaranteed to pass the ATS and start your phone ringing with interview invitations. 


What Types of Skills Should Be Included for an Agricultural Resume?


Each industry has it’s own particular skillset requirements. Agriculture is no different. Today, jobs exist in agriculture that did not exist even five years ago. Highlighting your individual skills, even if they don’t apply to the historical expectation of farming work is important to make you relevant. For example, those with technology experience are highly sought after in the agricultural world as more and more of the industry is becoming automated and relying on technology to streamline efficiency and productivity. 


Other key industry skills include Herding, Animal Care, Manual Labor, Time Management, Farm Machinery, Mechanic Skills, Seeding and Spraying, Harvesting, Feedlot Protocol Development, Land Surveying, Drone Operation, and Crop Mapping and Plotting.

Who Can I Trust for a Professional Resume?


Finding the right company to produce your professional resume can be intimidating at first. How do you know who you can trust? This is your future at stake after all. If you have had hesitation selecting a resume writing company, you should have. There are many ‘companies’ that are impostering as legitimate resume writing services. Many are companies that outsource their resumes outside of the United States to writers who do not have English as a primary language. Additionally, they do not hold certifications with the NRWA or PRWA or offer additional valued services such as Interview and Career Coaching with Certified Career Coaches.


Once you’ve made the choice to invest in yourself and your future by having your resume professionally written, look for a service such as the professional resume writing service in Houston, TX, USA Resume. USA Resume has been in the industry for years and has served thousands of happy clients. Their writers are certified and have industry experience that translates to even more effective resumes for our clients!


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