If you work in a government job or are looking to apply for one, you may or may not be aware that government jobs require specialty resumes called Federal Resumes. Federal Resumes differ from normal employment resumes in many ways. For example, while a resume for the private sector is a short and concise document never exceeding more than one or two pages, a federal resume is a very detailed and in depth review of your entire career history and can be five pages or longer if necessary. If you are looking to apply for a federal position, your private sector resume simply will not cut it. You need to craft a federal resume that meets the requirements for the job, and that means extra work. That’s why you should look to the best federal resume service in Houston TX to create your federal resume!

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Difference Between a Private Sector and Federal Resume


There are many differences between a resume for the private sector and a federal position. We outlined the first and most obvious above which is the length and detail of the document. No recruiter or hiring manager in the private sector wants to read through a lengthy document. They prefer a concise and straight-to-the-point resume that communicates the essential information. In contrast, Federal Resumes are lengthy and extremely detailed. They can be upwards of five pages and contain every detail of your work history and qualifications along with other information about your availability and schedule that a private sector resume never contains. 

Additional information that is exclusive to a federal resume includes the ways which you give your contact information, your desired work location, full job descriptions for your work history, detail about your educational background including GPA’s and credits earned, and specific job related training to name a few. The differences are vast and specific which is why trusting a professional resume writing service in Houston TX is the best investment you can make in your federal job search.

Why Trust USA Resume?


Throughout the years of our time in business, we have helped create hundreds of resumes for federal job applicants. Some of the positions they have gone onto include role such as Accountant, Administrative Support, Chief Medical Officer, Fiscal Analyst, Program Manager, Financial Technician, Civil Engineering, Business & Employment Specialist, and Compliance Specialist. Our experienced team of certified resume writers in Houston TX are well versed in Federal Resume requirements and work to create a resume that communicates everything about you in the manner and format that the federal workplace expects .


Why Choose USA Resume?


Tackling your own federal resume is a tall order. It takes more than just knowing the technical ins and outs of the federal resume requirements and particulars. A resume for a governmental positions needs to utilize specific keywords that are optimized for the position you are looking to be hired for. We help our clients that are applying for federal positions by:


  • Creating or improving upon resumes of federal applicants.

  • Providing world class resume writing services that take the time to focus on detail in order to communicate your skills, knowledge, strengths, expertise and quantifiable achievements on your federal resume.

  • Helping job applicants in the federal field increase their success in being selected for interviews and job offers in the General Schedule (GS), Senior- Executive Services (SES) and Wage Grade (WG) federal and governmental jobs. 

  • Developing resumes that are compatible with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that scans incoming resumes for preselected keywords determined by the hiring manager.

  • Helping with answering assessment questions that accompany most governmental and federal job postings.


What To Expect from USA Resume


Your resume is the first introduction you will have the a hiring manager, recruiter or board. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so we work to ensure it’s the best it can be. Your personally assigned resume writer will work with you to create a strategy to outline your strengths and achievements and communicate them in a way that is best suited for the industry and job role you are applying for. Additionally, you can expect that our talented, US based writers will utilized keyword optimization in your resume with long and short tail keywords that are necessary to target the federal and governmental industry. You can expect personalized attention, detailed documentation, and world class service from our team.


How to Get Started with USA Resume


Are you ready to have one of our certified resume writers craft your federal resume? Simply navigate to the Packages & Pricing page on our website and click on the ‘Get Started’ button for Federal Resumes. After completing the order form and making payment, you will be contact by a member of our Customer Service team within 24 hours or less to assign your resume writer and schedule your resume interview. After your interview, your writer will work to create your federal resume. After receiving your first draft, Federal Resume clients have unlimited revisions to their resume within 14 days for any changes you may desire. 


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