If you are an individual in the competitive healthcare field, you know that despite the ever increasing need for healthcare professionals, the competition for career advancement can be fierce. Having a knock out resume that details your education, experience and accomplishments is key to your success in achieving that next level career in your field. USA Resume has partnered with healthcare professionals to produce high quality professional resumes for applicants in fields such as Doctors, Nurses, Anesthesiologist, Pharmacist, Child Life Specialist, Counselor, Dietitian, Research Technicians, Administrators and many others. 

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Who Is USA Resume?


USA Resume is a professional resume writing service in Houston TX that employs some of the most knowledgeable certified resume writers in the industry. Our team of highly skilled writers come with background personal work experience in almost every industry. They out that knowledge to work for you, by creating resumes that communicate the nuances of each particular industry’s needs.


Our team of resume writers have successfully helps thousands of healthcare professionals achieve their dream careers in the demanding and patient-centric fields of Doctors, Nurses, Anesthesiologist, Pharmacist, Child Life Specialist, Counselor, Dietitian, Research Technicians, Administrators to name just a few. Your personal resume writer will demonstrate your expertise in providing high-quality patient care, working together with a team, and educating patients all while maintaining and adhering to licensing and regulatory requirements

Why Partner with USA Resume?


Simply put, we help people take the next steps in their careers by providing well written resumes that land interview opportunities. Our resumes are written to pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which scans incoming applications and resumes for industry designated keywords and other parameters set by the hiring managers or recruiters. Our resumes are optimized to pass the ATS ensuring that your resume is viewed by a decision maker, not tossed to the side by a computer algorithm. 

Additionally, we offer services beyond the resume such as Curriculum Vitae, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, and Interview Coaching. Our well rounded product offering ensures that you are marketed well to potential employers, easy to find by potential recruiters, and confident when selected for an interview.


What Should I Have on My Resume?

You resume is a detailed portrait of you, your background and knowledge, skills, qualifications and abilities. Your resume should communicate all of those important and noteworthy conditions to a hiring manager in an effective and clearly formatted method. 


There is a careful balance between having too much information on your resume, and not having enough. You should focus on listing a primary objective, specific experience relating to the job, educational background, and any certificates specialty skills or training. 


Finding the proper balance can be difficult which is why we are here to help! Hire a professional resume writer in Houston, TX today!


How Do I Get Started?


Having a professional create your resume is easy. Start by selecting the appropriate resume package on our website and make your purchase. Within 24 hours, a representative will contact you to assign you own Professional Resume Writer and schedule your interview. 


After your resume interview, you will receive your professionally written resume and any other products you may have purchased such as Cover Letters, Reference Lists, and Thank You Letters. If you opted for a LinkedIn Profile to be created, your profile will then be created by our Master Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer based on the content from your resume.


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