The healthcare industry continues to grow at rapid rates and nursing is among some of the most in demand careers! A nurse is a critical part of the healthcare team that operates out of qualities such as quick, critical thinking, leadership, and great communication skills. In addition to those, however, nursing professionals also function with a high level of compassion and care for their patients. They can be the individuals who bring a glimmer of light and hope to an otherwise negative health crisis.

The nursing field is highly competitive, and your best opportunity to land the nursing job in the area and schedule you desire is with a professionally written resume. Your resume needs to display you as the single most qualified individual for the job and represent your ability to manage and prioritize patient care, working hand in hand with other medical professionals on your team, your knowledge in patient care, and responsible administration of medications and other necessary provisions.

Whether you are looking to move into a career as a Nurse Practitioner (NP), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Nursing Assistant, Nurse Department Manager, Registered Nurse (RN), or Director of Nursing, our professional resume writing team is here to help you get there.

our team is here to 

help you get there

What Will a Professional Resume Do For You?


Your career determines a lot about your lifestyle. Not only does it determine your financial situation, it can also determine the quality of life you enjoy. After all, it’s difficult to be faithful to a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled on a daily basis. A resume written by certified professional resume writers is the greatest investment you can make for your career. It can help you attain that seemingly unreachable position you’ve been dying for. Ask yourself - does your current resume accurately reflect your skill sets and abilities? Does it communicate your depth of knowledge for direct patient care and display past achievements and specific instances where you worked with your team to accomplish something great?


If you answered no to any of those questions, a professional resume is right for you!

Who Offers the Best Resume Writing Services in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA?


Top Resume Pros, with offices in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is the leader in professional resume writing services. Our exclusive team of Certified Professional Resume Writers have written countless resumes for healthcare professionals and helped them land the opportunities of their dreams! Whether you are looking to step into a career as a Nurse Practitioner (NP), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Nursing Assistant, Nurse Department Manager, Registered Nurse (RN), or Director of Nursing, our team of resume writers have the industry experience to write a winning resume for you!


Our writers will put together a completely custom, individual resume for you. Additionally, you can choose to round out your resume by adding customized Cover Letters, Reference Letters, and Thank You Letters in order to make the best impression.


We also create or optimized existing LinkedIn Profiles with our Master Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers. Our writers will carefully create an online profile for you that includes your new resume content to ensure a cohesive message, and optimize it for recruiters and hiring mangers to find you.


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