Were you born with a natural knack to sell? Let’s be honest, some people seem like they can sell an ice cube to an eskimo with ease. Yet no matter how effective a sales person is, it’s not uncommon to find that selling yourself, via career documents like a resume, can be a challenging objective. The reasons are beyond proper formatting, grammar, and optimization, although all of those items play an equally important role in a resume’s effectiveness. Often times, the reason lies in a person’s discomfort in self promotion, or selling themselves! This can be uneasy territory, which is why we provide a helpful solution at USA Resume!


USA Resume is the leader in resume writing services in Houston, TX. We’ve written interview-winning resumes for top industry professionals including hundreds in the sales profession spanning a myriad of industries. Our professional service has aided individuals seeking sales employment in careers such as Sales Managers, Director of Sales, VP of Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, Account Sales Managers, Territory Sales Managers, Medical Device Sales Representatives, and many more!

we can help you sell your most


We have years of experience producing high quality professional resumes in Houston, Texas for National Account Sales Managers, Business Development Sales Managers, Regional Sales Directors, Business Development Sales Managers, VP of Sales and Marketing, etc.


Industry Specific, One-on-One Resume Writers


With years of experience writing professional resumes in Houston, TX for sales professionals, we help those job seekers looking for new opportunities land interviews for highly competitive, high compensation sales positions. Our team of certified professional resume writers have produced hundreds of high quality resumes for those in the sales industry. Their expertise includes proper formatting and grammar according to industry standards. In addition, our writers have industry specific experience that enables them to utilize keyword specific phrases scanned for by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS is a computer software that scans incoming resumes for proper grammar, formatting, and keywords. In highly competitive opportunities, an ATS is almost certainly used to filter out less desirable applicants before a hiring manager even sets eyes on the physical resumes. Our team of highly skilled writers ensure that your resume passes the ATS and catches the attention of the hiring manager.


Our Writers Know the Sales Industry


The sales industry is highly competitive by nature. Our experienced resume writing team know how to create a resume that highlights your most desirable skills, metrics, and abilities that relate directly to a sales position. They utilize the proper terminology and formatting that stand out to a recruiter or hiring manager. Our team has successfully written resumes for individuals who went on to attain positions such as VP of Sales, Business Development Sales Managers, Territory Sales Managers, B2B & B2C District Sales Directors, Inside Sales Representatives, Medical Device Sales Representatives, and Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives


It’s no easy task to stand out in a crowded field of applicants. With potential compensation soaring to sky high possibilities based on performance, many individuals seek sales careers looking for a competitive edge. The key to successfully landing a sales position interview is to make a lasting impression in the initial application process. Your need to show yourself as a stand along, hands down best candidate for the position. Your do this by creating a creative, attention grabbing, powerful and dynamic resume. If your resume doesn’t posses these qualities and isn’t formatted to pass the ATS, your potential for landing that position ends there. 


In order to make sure you stand out among the crowd, our team of highly skilled professional resume writers in Houston, TX specialize in the sales industry. They include all sales related keywords in order to optimize your resume most efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they will bring to light your most valuable achievements and abilities as relatable to the sales field and make sure that they are presented in a manner that makes them undeniable to a hiring manager.


Our Certified Resume Writing Team Will:

  • Produce an individualized, custom sales resume

  • Write an attention grabbing sales cover letter

  • Create a thoughtful and effective sales thank you letter

  • Build a search engine optimized LinkedIn profile that markets you to recruiters

  • Prepare you for your inevitable job interview to ensure success!


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